Are you overwhelmed with where to start or how to set your goals? Do you need the accountability and push that only a personal trainer can provide? From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, your fitness trainer is dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals through an individualized approach. Armstrong Fitness has a variety of trainers, all certified by accredited associations. You can choose the level of trainer you feel is right for you and your goals.

Michele Armstrong

  • 30 min single session: $35.00
  • 60 min single session: $60.00
  • 6 pack- 30 min sessions: $210.00
  • 12 pack- 30 min sessions: $360.00
  • 6 pack- 60 min sessions: $330.00
  • 12 pack- 60 min sessions: $600.00

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